Alejandro has been drawing his whole life. In his young years, he worked as a maritime archaeologist and dedicated himself to the preservation of underwater cultural heritage. 

Although never pursue any formal education in art and digital painting, he worked his skills by consistently drawing, and continuously learning by taking critics from the experts. More importantly, he’s got good ideas and an absolute unwavering passion for all creative things done professionally and properly. 

Right now he is enjoying his life of freelancing, power-lifting and playing video game in the island of God–BALI–with his wife and their three dogs.

  • Unannounced Project – Neill Blomkamp
  • Somnia – West Studio
  • Xenoshyft Onslaught – CoolMiniOrNot
  • Magic the Gathering – Wizard of the Coast
  • Legend Of The Cryptids – Applibot
  • Dungeons & Dragons – Wizard of the Coast
  • Galaxy Saga – Applibot
  • Iron Kingdoms – Privateer Press
  • Legends of Norrath – Sony Online Entertainment
  • BloodRealm – Making Fun, Inc.
  • PlanetSide2 – Sony Online Entertainment
  • Free Realms TCG – Sony Online Entertainment
  • StarLight Inception – Escape Hatch Entertainment
  • SmashUp – Alderac Entertainment Group
  • Star Wars Galaxy – Fantasy Flight Games

Alejandro is also the founder of Bali Illustration Workshop, an inspiring 5-days intensive workshop built for those who wish to enhance their skill by learning from the best. Being the first international illustration workshop in Indonesia, BIW always brought the best artist in the mentor line-up, such as Kekai Kotaki, Dave Rapoza, Karla Ortiz, etc.